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Baller bears is a collection of 4,444 NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. The Baller Bears community is built off the backbone of power & freedom. Using our stunning wits we have found a way to yield precious $HNY token through staking your NFT. These $HNY tokens can be swapped for ETH and act as our digital currency which is fueled by our second market royalties. Together we are the Bear family, the bears were founded by a team of truly passionate artists & marketers who see Baller Bears potential as one of the most prevalent NFTs of our generation. Let us join together and make Bears great again.




Stake your Baller Bears to start earning $HNY. A sweet reward for your hard work.



Swap your $HNY for ETH in our liquidity pool. It doesn't get much better than that.



Use extra $HNY to mint future bear NFTs. The more bears the merrier.


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Tan Choudhury (OG Baller - Head Marketing)

Tan is an eccentric entrepreneur who aspires for greatness in every path he touches. He takes great precautions in his investments and works just as hard. His success has led to creating multi-million dollar brands that have attracted nearly 500M impressions.

Reece Hunter (Head Developer)

Reece is an established blockchain developer who has worked on numerous projects which have been successful & promoted by the top names in the industry. He is bringing his expertise to facilitate the logistic process & making the baller bear dream a reality.

HMILAROO Design (Graphic Artist)

Led by an experienced graphic artist, HMILAROO is in charge of the art deliverables and appeasing the teams strict quality control & design process. He is an artist that has helped some of the top NFT projects take off today.

Cathy Fabian (Project Manager)

The main Baller Bears Community Manager, Cathy keeps the community running smoothly. She is intent in compiling ideas and plans in moving the project forward.

Claire Aragon (Creative Consultant)

Claire is the heart of the bear community, she lends her creative vision & strengths to the entire team using her 5 years of marketing & logistic experience at a high volume e-commerce company.

Noreen Datu (Lead Graphic Designer)

With her creative vision and talented mind, Noreen makes it possible to create awesome content social media content and infographics for the Bear Family. She's also the hands behind the badass Baller Bear Merch Designs.


There is a fixed max supply of 4444 Baller Bears. A competitive quantity!

During the early-bird presale, each Baller Bear will cost 0.08 ETH to mint. During normal presale, they will cost 0.09 ETH. During public sale, they will cost 0.1 ETH.

You will ONLY be able to use MetaMask to mint! Make sure you have enough funds for the mint price + gas in your MetaMask wallet on minting day.

The Baller Bears are an incredible collection of NFTs that not only provide their holders with insane utility, but also provide access to an amazing community full of like-minded individuals.

For each Baller Bear staked, you will earn 10 $HNY tokens per day.

Not only will you have the option to swap $HNY for ETH in our liquidity pool, but you'll also be able spend $HNY to mint from our future Bear collections.